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Company Profile

Gloves n Gloves (GnG) set foot in the gloves industry in the year 2000. Mr. Najam uz Zaman, founder of GnG, laid the foundation of the company with a vision to deliver superior quality products to our prestigious customers. Having extensive experience in this field has earned him great respect in Pakistan's gloves manufacturing community. It is due to his sheer perseverance and efforts that GnG today stands tall in the industry.

Today we feel honored to say that GnG has emerged amongst the top manufacturers & exporters of gloves in Pakistan. This achievement may be attributed to our determination to excel and also an absolute organizational setup of complete gloves making under one roof.

Over the years we have specialized the art of glove making to provide our customers high quality Impact Resistant and General Mechanics (On/Off Shore Rigs, Gas Fields, Mining, Industrial & Retail/DIY), Industrial (Cut & Sewn Cotton and Leather) and Sports gloves. With production facilities in two major industrial cities of the country, the company has been catering to customer demands from all around the globe. Being a quality compliant organization audited by Intertek for SQP (Supplier Qualification Program) and WCA (Workplace Conditions Assessment) we have been able to earn trust and confidence of our valuable customers.

We pride ourselves to be part of a highly experienced and energetic team who strive day and night to make GnG a success story. Our highly committed employees continuously strive to delight our customers and introduce innovative quality products to provide us competitive edge in the industry. We at GnG pay great importance to help our customers achieve their goals and objectives. So please let us know "how can we serve you?" info@gng.com.pk

Quality Policy

The management and employees of Gloves n Gloves are committed to provide products of committed quality standards to our valued customers that satisfy their needs and expectations. The management is committed to fulfill all applicable requirements. The management and employees are also committed to continual improvement of its quality management system.

For the continual improvement of QMS, management will

(a): Improve its ability to fulfill needs & expectations of its interested parties.

(b): Establish quality objectives at all levels.

(c): Identify and control internal and external issues that can affect its products
and quality management system.

(d): Provide due continues trainings to staff to improve their skills and knowledge.

(e): Look for new markets and customers.

(f): Keep pace with the changes in the industries.

Environmental Policy

Top Management of Gloves n Gloves is committed to protect the environment, prevent the pollution, provide safe, healthy and pollution free environment to its employees and to its interested parties. Top Management is committed to fulfill its compliance obligation related to environment. Top Management is also committed to continually improve its Environmental Management System.

For the Continual improvement of EMS, Management will;

(a): Comply with relevant environmental Laws and Regulations.

(b): Identify internal and external factors that can affect Environmental Management System and take appropriate actions to address these factors.

(c): Continual monitoring of environmental performance.

(d): Identify and fulfill of needs and expectations of interested parties.

(e): Establishing objectives to improve the environmental performance.

(f): Ensure Provision of safe working environment to save all employees from illness and accident.

(g): Provide appropriate environment training/ information to all employees and interested parties.

Security Policy

The management and employees of Gloves n Gloves are committed to maintaining strict security in all departments of the company. The company management does its best to ensure that nothing goes out of the factory except the required goods. Company management respects all domestic and foreign security laws and applicable requirements and committed to meeting them.

For the continual improvement of Security Management System, management will;

(a): Controlling factory access and thorough checking of incoming and outgoing goods.

(b): Proper scrutiny when hiring employees.

(c): To review all the stages of delivery of goods and make proper security arrangements.

(d): To discourage all kinds of terrorism activities, Drug trafficking, Human Trafficking, Rare Antiquities smuggling and trafficking of other prohibited items.

(e): Provide due continues security related trainings to staff.

(f): Provide necessary resources to improve security management system.

Vision - Mission - Values